Protection of the Environment

At “Il Corniolo” we are dedicated to take initiatives to protect the environment as well as our Guests well being.
This commitment, which stems from the profound belief we owe respect to the world hosting us, takes different shapes.

  1. Agriculture: in our farm all pesticides and chemicals are banned. All agriculture activities are run under the supervision of ICEA - Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale which certifies Organic Farming.
  2. Horses: horse beds are made 100% of peat, a recyclable material that doesn’t create disposal problems. Additionally beds are treated with natural enzymes that prevents the formation of bad odors and infections.
  3. Swimming Pool: the pool is chlorine free. Water sanitation is obtained through the use of marine salt.
  4. Renewable Power: we have gone a long way to minimize burning fossil fuels with actions like:
    1. hot water in summer is obtained with solar panels.
    2. the house lived-in year round is insulated with natural cork and heated with a wood burning boiler.
    3. electric power is produced on site with photovoltaic panels.

If you are interested by these subjects we would be glad to share our experience.