At Corniolo we are proud to take care of the environment and the health of our guests. This, which represents a principle that inspires us and a deep conviction of respect for nature and the world that hosts us, is expressed in different forms. 

Agriculture: pesticides and chemical fertilizers are banned here. The whole company is under the organic farming regime periodically certified by ICEA - Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification. 

Swimming pool: in our swimming pool no chlorine is added to the water during the opening season. The sanitation of the water takes place through the use of sea salt and a special regulation system. 

Renewable energy: every effort has been made to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the Company. In particular: in summer, hot water is produced with solar panels. in winter the continuous heating of the inhabited rooms takes place with a wood boiler and the rooms are insulated with natural cork. all year round the electricity consumed is produced on site with two photovoltaic panel systems for a total of 16 KW.