This page does not pretend to exhaust the countless possibilities for excursions, on foot, on horseback, by mountain bike, or to visit interesting places from an artistic and naturalistic point of view, that the Garfagnana and its surroundings have to offer but, simply, provide a hint and some information to make the most of your visit and keep the best memory of your stay. 

Walking excursions 

A vast network of paths covers the territory of the Park, about a hundred are those reported by the Italian Alpine Club, to these are added the long-distance itineraries made by the Mountain Communities, such as Garfagnana Trekking, Apuane Trekking, Lunigiana Trekking or the Alta Via delle Apuane. 

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Bike excursions 

There are numerous possibilities for mountain biking along the paths and dirt roads within the Apuan Park or along the Serchio valley. The possibility offered by the train + bike service of the FS is very interesting; all the trains of the Lucca-Aulla line, and several of the coastal line, in fact, guarantee this service that allows us to make crossing itineraries using the train to return to the starting point. 

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Garfagnana mountain bike trails 

The Garfagnana in MTB 

Cave excursions 

The Apuan Alps are famous for their high quality marble, also used by Michelangelo Buonarroti. Among the features not to be missed is the presence of 1300 caves of various sizes, which can be visited by the general public but also by expert speleologists. Particularly worthy of note are the Grotta del Vento and the Antro del Corchia. 

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Caves in Garfagnana