At Corniolo we have strong and calm horses, suitable for walks in the countryside even for beginners. They are fatigue-resistant and very reliable horses, which immediately become irreplaceable companions for their riders. 

Horses live in large pastures, free for most of the year, fed with fresh forage and hay, supplemented with feed, so they are free from neurosis and aggression. This same treatment is applied to those who wish to leave their horse to board, both for short periods and for the whole year. 

The riding school is declared free from Coggins' disease by the local USL and, for the tranquility of our four-legged guests, we want to keep it that way. In addition to the horses, our guests can find a Country Guide and a GEA Technician. The Guide, an expert in the area, will accompany you on walks, lasting one or more hours, or on the most demanding treks of one or more days. The GEA Technician is available for approach to horses or advanced courses, for children and adults. In particular, on request and for a minimum group of people, we organize weekly courses and courses of three weekends.